Monday, February 10, 2020

Leadership and governance Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Leadership and governance - Essay Example Since the leaders tend to build a group of followers as they set their ideologies, the paper also looks at the characteristics of followers and what their role should be in ensuring that they participate in the organizations’ governance and aide in the achievement of the set goals. The actions of the leaders in governing the organization will mean the difference between the success and the failure of the organization. Due to this fact, the characteristics of good leaders and the management skills that should be applied in governance have been addressed in the paper. The roles f different people in an organization have been discussed in the paper. Among those include the role of executives, managers and other leaders in the organizations. Some of their roles overlap like overseeing the general performance of the organization. Their different roles will therefore be explained in details and what is expected from them both by their subordinates and the organization. Leaders have the responsibility to ensure that an organization succeeds in achieving oits set goals and follow the plans that have been put underway. This paper addresses the relationship between leadership and governance and the roles of different people in an organization in trying to achieve the goals set by the organization. The people in leadership positions have more than a responsibility to lead the organization. They are the role models who set the pace for all the other workers in the organization and help to show them the vision of the organization and strategies that should be used to actualize the vision. This is done by practicing good governance and setting up plans and strategies that can be actualized. The leaders have the role of uniting and motivating the workers in an organization. If they fail in this fundamental role then that could mean the failure of the whole organization in

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